Real Estate



Our lawyers operate on leases issues, both commercial and residential. Our firm has a specific experience in the negotiation and drafting of leases and related rental agreements; as well as in the sale of lease and businesses (fonds de commerce). We operate in particular on the following issues:

  • Commercial leases;
  • Short leases;
  • Temporary occupancy agreements;
  • Professional leases;
  • Building leases;
  • Litigation;
  • Residential leases;
  • Lease renewal;
  • Lease enforcement proceedings (recovery of unpaid rent, legal termination);
  • Deed and good will transfer.


We advise our clients in relation to all legal issues, including litigation, during construction operations. We assure therefore a full support in drafting contracts, assisting them during the construction in case of difficulty, and assisting them during the reception of the work. We provide in particular the following services:

  • Drafting of real estate agreement;
  • Drafting contracts of sale in future completion;
  • Drafting agency agreement, works contracts;
  • Management expertise operations;
  • Support in case of worksite incident;
  • Assistance in case a contractor files for bankruptcy ;
  • Assistance in case of a worksite abandonment;
  • Assistance with respect to liabilities.

Property sale

We also operate on legal issues relating to the sale and purchase of real estate, in particular in the following cases: performance of conditions to closing, lack of consent, liability.